Rocky's Bath & Brush
5907 N Granite Reef Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
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Daisies Dog Grooming ® 5907 N Granite Reef RoadScottsdale,AZ 85250


                                        Mobile is currently waitlist only 03/17

                 Larger Dogs over 20lbs are Bath & Brush only.  No full grooms or 
                                            shavedowns for larger dogs.
                                                 Some exceptions   03/17

Rocky's Bath & Brush is a small grooming shop with just myself doing all the grooming from beginning to end.   It is a great place for the owner who does not like their dog to be in cages for several hours or whose dog is frightened or becomes difficult by the grooming process.  

I do not schedule more than 2 separate owner dogs to be in my shop at any time.  However, one owner at a time is usually the way I schedule.  Most of my clientele are small dogs but I do take friendly big dogs.   Most small dogs are done within 1.5 hours and large dogs 2.5.

Everything is in the open.

Dolly's Mobile is my mobile service which I am limited on the size and number of dogs I take.  Generally under 12lbs and 1 dog customers.   Boundaries Scottsdale/PV excluding North Scottsdale.    The reason my mobile is so specific is because I do not use a High Velocity dryer on most of the dogs I groom because it scares them and it takes too long to dry larger dogs with a quieter dryer in the van.  If you are calling mobile because your dog has issues at a groomer's, my shop is different, and I am able to put at ease almost every dog with very few exceptions.

Super senior dogs or dogs with health issues require special handling.

Your dog is ultimately my customer and everything I do or don't do is in its  best interest.