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Daisies Dog Grooming ® 5907 N Granite Reef RoadScottsdale,AZ 85250


Update:  01/12/2018  I am currently not taking any new customers until February.    

Update:  01/05/2018
​                                                       Happy New Year!

I am making a few changes this year.  I currently have both a shop and a mobile van and am not going to renew my lease for the shop in March and be mobile only.  

I am making some adjustments to my van so I can take "some" larger dogs such as Standards  however, the majority of dogs in my van will continue to be small dogs.

I will continue to offer my style of gentle grooming in which I use premium equipment, such as quiet dryers, and gentle handling  and always the highest quality in shampoos and conditioners.   Currently I use Vellus Shampoo.

A groom includes Bath, Brush, Haircut and Nails clipped.     

Do's and Dont's

I "do" take small difficult dogs or traumatized dogs and I work with them often turning them around and gaining their trust in their first groom.  

I "do" take dogs who are long overdue for a groom. (They are shaved down (nicely, "no clipper burn") but I do take them or if it is for example a double coat like Pomeranian, I will brush it out, using many many superior tools, products and methods.

I "do not" offer shavedowns for labs, goldens, pugs, shepherds, poms, chihuhuas etc.

I "do not" take new customers  who are over 11 years old or are frail, etc.