Rocky's Bath & Brush
5907 N Granite Reef Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
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Daisies Dog Grooming ® 5907 N Granite Reef RoadScottsdale,AZ 85250


​                                                             At this time
                 Larger Dogs over 20lbs are Bath & Brush only.  No full grooms or 
                                            shavedowns for larger dogs.                                                                                                                             03/17

Rocky's Bath & Brush is a small grooming shop with just myself doing all the grooming from beginning to end.   It is a great place for the owner who does not like their dog to be in cages for several hours or whose dog is frightened or becomes difficult by the grooming process.  

I do not schedule more than 2 separate owner dogs to be in my shop at any time.  However, one owner at a time is the norm.  Most of my clientele are small dogs but I do take some friendly big dogs.   Most small dogs are done within 1.5 hours and large dogs 2.

Everything is in the open.

Dolly's Mobile is my mobile service which I am limited on the size, number, and type of dogs/haircut I take.  Generally under 12lbs , 1 dog customers,  2 to 5 week grooms or shavedowns.   Boundaries Scottsdale/PV excluding North Scottsdale.     Ask me about special pricing for dogs on 2 and 3 week schedules.

Super senior dogs or dogs with health issues that I have never groomed may require special handling from a senior specialist or a vet's grooming facility.

Your dog is ultimately my customer and everything I do or don't do is in its  best interest.