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         I am a low-stress groomer.  See my facebook for how I differ from mainstream groomers on drying of dogs.                           

February 26, 2024

Taking new clients fluctuates but for the most part I don't have too many new client slots at any given time.  It varies month to month.  I am also not an all-breed or size groomer.  Mainly haircut dogs under 50 lbs.

New client requirements:

Pup must need low-stress grooming  (usually dryer fear)

Age between 2 and 12.  Puppies need a chance to experience mainstream grooming before it can be determined that they can't handle it.  My style of low-stress grooming does not work on older dogs as well.  So other than my existing clientele that turn 13 and up I generally refer seniors out to some good senior specialists.


Dogs like doodles etc that  a shave-down every 2 or 3 months or more are welcome and easier for me schedule.
Snowbirds, etc. also welcome. 

PRICING:  It is based on time with most dogs being between 1 to 1.5 hours.  I do not keep a dog for longer than 2 hours. (it wouldn't be low-stress)  It is best to get what can be done and then schedule 4 weeks or so and then to try to stay on whatever schedule is needed for the style you want.  

Minimum call out is $100.  My pricing generally goes up to $150.  So I take hair cuts that fit within these pricing parameters.

I have been grooming since 2012. I drive a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter professionally outfitted by Hanvey Engineering. It is fully self-contained and most importantly has more than enough A/C to handle Arizona summers.  

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